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Special Offers

Call GT Mobile Countries for 9cts

9c/min to other GTMobile in GTMobile countries, this promotional rates applies to other GTMobile in Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. A flagfall of 29c will be applied per call.

The promotional rates are valid from 21/11/2013

Internet on your Mobile

GTMobile customers will be charged 15c/mb for Mobile Internet.

National Rates

Great News for GTMobile customers.
GTMobile customers now can enjoy making low cost national calls with flagfall of 29ยข apply rate. This promotion is valid for a limited period of time. Promotion is valid from 07/06/2013 and ends on 15/08/2013.

Unlimited calls from GTMobile to GTMobile

Minimum recharge required to enjoy unlimited minutes to GTMobile numbers in Australia. Unlimited minutes are valid per calendar month.